Dressing Burns

What kind of first aid dressing would you use for a burn injury?

Do burns need to be covered? Well, yes. Because the skin is 'raw' and exposed to the surrounding, making it susceptible to infections. In fact, in many burn fatalities, the cause of death is usually by secondary infection.

As a first aider you will need to cool the burns (or flush for chemical burns) and then cover the burn wounds quickly to prevent further exposure. So what can you use?

The most common bandage that you can use is the triangular bandage. Apply it lightly, do not tie too tightly as it might stick onto the burn.

Burn sheets are sterile packed sheets which look like a first aid dressing, but some come with a shiny side, especially those used in military organisations.

Commercially produced burn sheets such as Water Jel or Burnaid can also be used. These burn sheets are covered with a layer of gel-like substance which helps to reduce the heat and control the burn.

Most importantly, remember to cover the whole burn area. This ensures that the area remain clean and free from exposure to the general environment.

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