First Aid Treatment for Convulsions

Written By: First Aid Training Bangkok

Important Information

A Febrile Convulsion is a common medical condition; About three percent of children aged six months to six years have a febril convulsion when they have a fever or high temperature

The Febrile Convulsion happens when the normal brain activity is disturbed; The convulsion often occurs without warning

During the convulsion, the child may become stiff or floppy, become unconscious or unaware of their surroundings, display jerking or twitching, or have difficulty breathing

Patient Care; Febril Convulsions
  • During the convulsion stay calm and do not try to restrain the child or put anything in their mouth
  • Stay with the child and lay them down on their side
  • Loosen tight clothing from around the neck and move objects away that might cause them harm. Arrange to see your local doctor or general practitioner after the convulsion has stopped

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