First Aid Treatment for Bee Sting

Written By: First Aid Training Bangkok

First Aid treatment guide for bee and poisonous stinging insects.

Patient Care; Bee Insect Stings
  • Perform a primary assessment and monitor the patient's Cycle of Care AB-CABS
  • If the patient shows signs of severe allergic reaction, treat appropriately
  • Once EMS has been contacted, obtain and follow local medical control directions for field treatment prior to their arrival; Keep the patient still and at rest
  • If the sting is still embedded, scrape it sideways from the skin; Avoid pinching or squeezing the venom sac
  • Depending on the directions from EMS
  • After the nematocysts are removed or deactivated, treat pain with hot-water immersion when possible
  • clean the bite area with soap and water or rubbing alcohol
  • apply a cold compress to the area and elevate, or apply pressure immobilization
  • Transport the patient to the nearest medical facility

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