KING POWER CPR First Aid Training Bangkok

Written By: First Aid Training Bangkok

Congratulations to the KING POWER Aviation Division. The King Power Team completed their CPR First Aid Training in Bangkok For the WorkPlace! EM"POWER"ING Their People to Save Lives!

KING POWER has more than 7,000 employees and is the Leader in Duty Free services. To keep up with their global enterprises KING POWER maintains a fleet of Aircraft. The Aviation group ensures the ground support and cabin crews receive CPR First Aid Training.

King Power selected First Aid Training Bangkok Co. Ltd. for many reasons:

  • Bangkok's first dedicated CPR First Aid Training Center.
  • The ONLY legal "Sanctioned Emergency First Response Center".
  • The ONLY Center meeting the requirements of the "Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand". CAAT.

Team KING POWER enjoyed a day of training with our EFR Instructor.

A few of the Life Saving skills learned: How to assess a patient for responsiveness & breathing. When and how to do CPR, Spinal injury management and shock.

Team KING then moved into First Aid training, learning basic skills until EMS arrives. How to clean and bandage wounds, splint broken bones and dislocated joints.

"On-Site" training at the office allows for real-life training scenarios. Sometimes there isn't much space to rescue a colleagues, so we teach you how to in a small space.


Come join us for training and see why World Leading Companies have chosen Us for years. We EMPOWER their Employees to Save Lives!

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