First Aid Treatment for Fevers

Written By: First Aid Training Bangkok

Important Information

Fever with temperatures above ​38.5°C may cause fits or seizures in children. It is often accompanied with confusion, dizziness, breathing difficulties, muscle stiffness, and severe chills

Immediately call for an ambulance if the patient experiences a seizure or a fit or if you cannot lower the patient's temperature

Suffering with fever symptoms and a high temperature above ​37.5°C often makes you feel lethargic and tired. Despite fevers not actually being a disease, there are times when a fever needs medical treatment. It is a mechanism the body uses to defend itself from illness, infection, or disease.

Your body's immune system fights disease or infection more efficiently at a higher temperature. You can use a thermometer orally or axillary (underarm) to determine if someone has a high temperature fever (above ​37.5°C).

Treatment Tips For Fever
  • Wear comfortable light clothing and avoid direct exposure to an air-conditioning unit or cooling fan
  • Do not wrap someone with a fever in thick clothes or a blanket; It is best to keep them from overheating even though they may feel cold from the fever symptoms
  • Frequently sponge or dab the patient with room temperature water - not cold water; Sponge the forehead, neck, and underarms. Pause sponging if the person begins to shiver
  • Patient's lose fluids and dehydrate quickly with a fever so get them to drink a lot of water
  • A doctor or pharmacist may prescribe antibiotics if common fever medication such as Paracetamol or Ibuprofen does not lower the fever

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