Dog First Aid Kits for Canines and Pets

Written By: First Aid Training Bangkok

It may seem a little strange keeping a first aid kit for dogs but pets have accidents too. Dog first aid kits can be purchased readymade or you could buy the pet care items separately and then assemble a kit yourself. The supplies should be kept in a sturdy plastic box with a lid that can be properly secured. Your dog's first aid kit can be stored at home or you could even make a small portable version for travel.

First aid kits for canines can be very simple to create with just a few common sense items for minor emergencies or you could develop a well stocked case of medications and dressings. We would suggest that you employ the expertise of a veterinarian for dosage guidelines and other dog related medical care information.

Some common sense items to include in your Dog First Aid Kit;

  • Scissors, tweezers & tick removing tool
  • Sterile eye and ear wash
  • Antiseptic wash or wipes & antibiotic ointment
  • Pain relief medication prescribed by a vet
  • Thermometer & muzzle
  • Syringe or large eye dropper
  • Emergency phone numbers for a vet, animal control, & animal poison control

Whether you buy a pre-made first aid kit for dogs and other pets or decide to build your own, using the medical supplies in an emergency requires some experience and it's best to be familiar with when and how to use your supplies. There are dog first aid courses that teach basic first aid skills for treating pets and animals. More information is available from our First Aid Instructor Trainer.

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