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The health and safety resource section covers all the useful and essential information on current industry trends including first aid news updates, product sales, instructional videos, and up-to-date medical treatment tips for injuries and illnesses.

Stay informed and learn about the latest first aid topics [news reports...]

• CPR First Aid Training Bangkok News - building healthier lives with the American Heart Association
• FAST - stroke awareness and recognition guide
• Articles, top stories, updates, bulletins, notices, and helpful tips
• Self CPR Techniques - Surviving a heart attack when you are alone
• Practice responding to sudden cardiac arrest at the shopping mall - Save-a-life Simulator

First Aid Kits in ThailandPRODUCTS
Retail and wholesale first aid products and supplies [visit the shop...]

• How to build a well-stocked emergency First Aid Kit in Thailand
• CPR Simulation Manikins - features, differences, and sales
• AED clinical units, trainer devices, and oxygen therapy units
• Buying medical supplies for your workplace and home first aid boxes
• Emergency First Response® instructor equipment and student materials

Heart pumpingTREATMENTS
Treatments for every-day injuries and illnesses with videos [first aid tips...]

• Injury First Aid Treatment - Learn how to care for common injuries like snake bites
• Illness First Aid Treatment - Learn how to care for common illnesses like heart attack
• Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for adults, children, and infants - CPR First Aid
• Learn by watching - CPR & Choking Videos
• First Aid For Kids - Get your children trained and active

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