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UMONIUM38 belongs to a new generation of disinfectants:

  • No phenol or aldehyde

  • Very fast-acting, delivering in realistic application time

  • Broad-spectrum activities, destroying Gram+, Gram- bacteria, and fungi. Even super resistant mycobacteria and dangerous naked and enveloped viruses.

  • UMONIUM38 is the complete, three-in-one protecting product. It cleans, disinfects, and deodorizes at cold temperature applications.

UMONIUM38 - No Danger

Its safety in application makes it superior to other products. It doesn’t release toxic vapors. And it is biodegradable, so it doesn’t pollute the environment.

By not binding with organic matter at the surface like many other disinfectants, UMONIUM38 offers the advantage of prolonging protection against germs!

It is one of UMONIUM38 major infection control assets.


Organic matter (surfaces) can be very porous, making disinfecting penetration very difficult. But UMONIUM38 lowers the surface tension of water so that the fluid solution penetrates the most challenging inaccessible gaps.

The UMONIUM38 causes the cytoplasmic membrane to swell until it bursts (photos).

After penetrating the membrane, the capillary effect causes the solution is diffused into the germ, it poisons the nucleic liquid and causes the destruction of the microorganism.

  • UMONIUM38 - No Danger

  • 1 Staphylococcus aureus colony in a 0.5% UMONIUM38 solution.

  • UMONIUM38 - No Danger

  • 2 Swelling of the cytoplasmic membrane after 5 minutes of contact.

  • UMONIUM38 - No Danger

  • 3 Bursting of the membrane with penetration of the germ by the disinfectant.

  • UMONIUM38 - No Danger