First Aid Treatment Tips

It is an unfortunate daily fact that many people have some kind of mishap or get sick. For some, the seriousness of the illness or injury may not necessarily render them unconscious and their condition may not seem to be immediately life threatening, yet they still might need medical care. Joining a first aid course teaches you how to assist injured and ill patients by offering medical care, while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

Your help provides care that reassures, eases pain, and reduces the risk of further harm. You help by bandaging wounds, sprains, splinting dislocations, immobilizing fractures, and identifying other common illnesses and medical problems.

First Aid For Illnesses and Injuries

Illness First Aid TreatmentIllness Assessment
An illness is defined as an unhealthy condition of the body. Assess a patient's illness or pre-existing condition using the mnemonic SAMPLE and illness assessment.

Illness First Aid
Common illnesses include heart attacks, cardiac arrest (sca), diabetes, poisoning, asthma, stroke, choking. Check our first aid guide and tips for illness treatments.

Food Illnesses
These three simple tips on food safety and kitchen hygiene reduces your risk of developing stomach illnesses and health problems such as bacterial infections, salmonella, e. coli, food poisoning, and diarrhoea. First aid safety for food.

Injury First Aid TreatmentInjury Assessment
An injury is defined as physical harm to the body. You can assess or determine the location and extent of a patient's injuries using the head-to-toe injury assessment.

Injury First Aid
Common injuries include cuts, scrapes, bruises, head wounds, electrical injuries, burns, and bone fractures. Check our first aid guide and tips for injury treatments.

Water Injuries
Drowning in sea water or a pool is a common cause of serious injury and death especially in children. Learn how to recognise a distressed swimmer and what steps you should take to make a safe rescue and attempt drowning first aid treatment.

Creating Confidence to CareCPR Videos
Tutorial videos of cpr first aid and how to use a defibrillator [CPR Tutorial Videos]

Adult First Aid Videos
Fun and innovative first aid videos capture the best of serious topics [Fun Videos]

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