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Beyond Limits Workshop

Beyond Limits Challenge Park is a new venture operated by Blue Seas Marine to the south of Pattaya in Najomtien. Their challenges involve climbing, zip lines, scaling heights, and other physical tests. Safety is their priority. The management wanted their staff to be competent in CPR and First Aid skills and they asked us to conduct a day of training and scenarios.

CPR Workshop At Beyond Limits Challenge Park

CPR Workshop At Beyond Limits Challenge Park

We conducted the training in Thai and English languages and we focused on primary care techniques such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, severe bleeding wounds, and spinal injuries.

The first aid section of the training targeted sprains, dislocations, venomous bites and stings.

The staff also participated in several scenarios around the park using the CPR manikins, pressure-immobilization bandages, and other first aid equipment. A successful day was completed with the staff certifications and group photographs.