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Treat Aquatic Life Injury

First Aid treatment guide for aquatic life injuries such as fish spine injury.

Patient Care; Aquatic Life Injury

  • STOP - Assess and observe the scene; Is the victim still in the water? Is the venomous creature nearby?

  • THINK - Consider your safety and form action plan; How can I further protect myself and the patient?

  • ACT - Check responsiveness and Alert EMS

  • Perform a primary assessment and monitor the patient's Cycle of Care AB-CABS

  • Once EMS has been contacted, obtain and follow local medical control directions for field treatment prior to their arrival; Keep the patient still and at rest; Treat for shock if needed

  • If necessary, manage serious bleeding; If easily done, remove the embedded fish spines

  • Immerse the wound in hot but not scalding water; Leave immersed for up to 90 minutes for pain relief and repeat this treatment if needed

  • If hot water does not provide pain relief, apply a cold compress to the wound; Clean wounds with soap and water, apply local antiseptics, and seek medical assistance