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Sports First Aid Kits

A first aid kit for sport related injuries usually includes an assortment of special supplies such as cold packs and various sizes of elastic bandages. Even though athletes may prepare physically for their sporting event or training, the risk of a sprain, strain or a tear is always present and the need to administer first aid should be expected when you stock your sports bag with a medical kit.

The best sports first aid kit would preferably have a plastic water tight box to keep the adhesive materials dry and an insulated compartment to contain the ice packs. Sports medical injury kits tend to be shared amongst athletes so it's important to keep an updated inventory of the contents and a regular check the expiry date of such items as anti-inflammatory and treatment creams. The manufacturers of these sensitive creams and other ointments have strict guidelines for their 'best before' usage and their specifications should be noted and appropriately adhered to for safe use.

Outdoor First Aid Kits, such as for sports and other recreational activities, should contain plentiful amounts of sunscreen and a supply antihistamine and other allergy related medications that are used to treat insect stings and similar outdoor poisons. The First Aider will also be subjected to additional problems if the sporting activity is conducted in cold weather environments. For example, skiing and snowboarding tend to create skeletal injuries such as joint dislocations and broken bones, which can increase the difficulty for treatment if the patient is also suffering from severe cold. Hypothermia is a potentially life threatening condition that occurs if the body loses its core temperature for lengthy periods of time. Sports First Aid Kits for outdoor pursuits in cold weather should therefore include blankets, heat packs and other appropriate protection from the elements.

Most sporting injuries are initially treated using the RICE method (rest-ice-compression-elevation). First Aid Responders typically provide 15 to 20 minute programs of ice treatment applied to the sprain or strain, so the chemically activated cold packs can be complemented by including frozen ice supplies that can be stored and re-used as part of your First Aid Kit for Sports and Fitness.