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Military First Aid Kits

The typical US Military First Aid Kit has improved in recent years and is used by injured army soldiers in modern day warfare. Sometimes known as the - IFAK - the Individual First Aid Kit has been updated and is issued to soldiers as a means of medical support for themselves and for their injured army colleagues.

The modern standardized portable military first aid kit includes much more than its older version which had merely some bandages and iodine. These were used by army personnel to stop bleeding and to help prevent infection from their wounds.

Some of the new supplies inside the current military kits include;

  • A tourniquet for use in a serious bleeding injury or hemorrhage

  • A special device to help clear a blocked airway

  • Sterile dressings for burns and chemical injuries

  • Water purification tablets for soldiers operating in remote areas

Army Soldiers who operate in specific hostile areas such as deserts, jungles or in the Polar Regions often receive extra survival kits which include sunscreen, a mosquito net, and chemical hand warming packets.

It is worth noting that the Army and the Marines are equipped with very different IFAK's, and many of the medical components are also different according to their specific mission.