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First Aid Supplies

How to make a well-stocked first aid kit for the home, car, or for use at the workplace. For your first aid kits and essential supplies take a look in the equipment section below. Barriers help to prevent unsafe contamination of body fluids and bloodborne pathogens. Carrying a range of manuals, manikins, and other popular items for all CPR & First Aid Instructors. First Aid Kits, Clothing, & Accessories, Fire & Smoke Protection Equipment.

สอบถาม Bag Valve Mask (BVM) - 2,995฿

*Price includes VAT

BVM = Bag Valve Mask

3-in-1 combination masks: adult, children, and infant. The silicone 'bag' allows manual control of the positive pressure to the patient that is not breathing. BVM's provide infection control with no person to person 'rescue breathing'. There is an attachable self-inflating bag for overflow and an Oxygen inlet valve allowing supplemental oxygen to be administered. The 3-in-1 kit allows for the best fit & seal ensuring positive pressure to the patience lungs.