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CPR Manikins

CPR Instructors use manikins during the course while training health care professionals and the public. CPR manikins range from the half body style for layperson training to full body casualty simulaids with revolutionary technical feedback.

The most popular seller in Thailand is the Prestan simulation manikin with LED compression monitor and the Laerdal Little Anne is still a favourite manikin with proven durability and realism.

Prestan Professional Adult Ultralite CPR Training Manikins - 4-Pack with Carry Bag
24,900 ฿
Prestan® Professional Adult CPR Manikin with LED CPR Monitor
14,500 ฿
Prestan® Professional Child CPR Manikin with LED CPR Monitor
14,500 ฿
Prestan® Professional Infant CPR Manikin with LED CPR Monitor
14,500 ฿
Laerdal Little Anne Manikin Lung Bag (replacement part)
890 ฿
50 Pack Adult Manikin Face Shields
1,948 ฿
50 Pack Child Manikin Face Shields
1,787 ฿
50 Pack Infant Manikin Lung Bags
1,787 ฿
CPR Face Shield by American Red Cross (50 pieces per box)
899 ฿
American Red Cross AED Training Unit (with adult & child aed pads)
9,999 ฿
Pocket Size Resuscitation Mask in Hard Case w/O2 Port (large)
598 ฿
CPR Resuscitation Silicone Bag
2,350 ฿

*Please contact our sales manager for special bulk discount orders of more than ten packs. Prices are according to availability and are subject to change without notice. Deposits paid are considered non-refundable.

*Prices include VAT