Treat Inhaled Poison

Important Information

If you inhale carbon monoxide or other harmful substances, you may experience headache, dizziness, nausea and chest tightness

You may cough, wheeze and have difficulty breathing; The skin may become pale, then bluish with cherry-red appearance on nail beds and lips

Treat any suspected ingested or inhaled poison, or any poisoning that alters the patient's breathing or conscious level, as a medical emergency; Follow primary care procedures

Patient Care; Inhaled Poison

STOP - Assess and observe the scene; Is there a poisonous substance or fumes nearby? Be very cautious of entering enclosed spaces; Note: Poisonous gases are odorless and colorless; Emergency Responder safety must be considered always; It may be necessary to wait for EMS to arrive with independent breathing equipment
THINK - Consider your safety and form action plan; Can the substance harm me?
ACT - Check responsiveness and Alert EMS

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