CPR Manikins

When rescuers learn how to do CPR, many first aid certifications allow the student to simulate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (the combination of rescue breathing and chest compressions) using cpr equipment that usually includes a simulation mannequin.

CPR training should not be practiced on a person who does not need it, so a CPR manikin is used because the depth and rate of compressions can be evaluated by the instructor.

Many of the best manikins also have a battery operated software facility that prompts the rescuer to push harder or faster if needed.

Although there are some cheap discount manikins for sale, the recommended and preferred device is one which allows the rescuer to simulate an airway obstruction and to see the chest rise and fall during the correct ventilation exercises.

CPR manikin lungs are designed to be inflated and deflated when rescue breathing is provided, so if you are considering buying a new or used mannequin (cpr dummy) it is worth investing in one which has this function.

Rescue mannequins or 'cpr dummies' are becoming very affordable and although the Laerdal Medical Corporation have dominated cpr manikin supplies for many years.

There are many new alternatives such as the Actar and Prestan CPR Manikin which offers superb facilities for training with respect to monitoring the compression depth, rate and ratios.

Manikin manufacturers now produce realistic dummies of pregnant and obese adults known as 'Fat Freddy' and there is also a dog manikin used by veterinarians.

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