First Aid Kits

Building Your First Aid Kit

Many people are not sure what should be in a home first aid kit and wonder which would be the best one to buy. Whether you choose to get a readymade kit or make your own boxes, assembling a portable first aid kit is extremely important for all emergency responders and a useful emergency care addition to keep easily available at home, in the car, in the office and at your workplace first aid station.

First aid equipment and supplies are best kept in a clean, dry bag or storage box preferably made from durable and water resistant plastic. This makes the kits useful for travelling or vacation and a minimum of basic medical essentials should be part of your regular check list to avoid the contents reaching their expiration date.

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Emergency Kit Contents Checklist

General Care for Medical Kits

It's a good idea to read the first aid manual to become familiar with the kit's contents. Regularly check to make sure that torch batteries work, refills are attended to and replace any missing or out of date medicines. Store the First Aid Kit for home in a place that is easy to find for adults but out of reach for small children. Remember that some of the items may be restricted by flight regulations and may not be permitted inside hand luggage. So if you are flying it is best to pack first aid kits into any checked in luggage.

Protect Yourself and Others

For maximum protection when attending an injured or ill patient, use gloves or other protective barriers. Use ventilation masks or mouth shields especially when providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). When treating someone who is bleeding, use eye and face shields or sunglasses if no other protection is available. Emergency responders should always thoroughly wash their hands with antibacterial soap and water including any other area that has been exposed to body fluids. It is recommended to scrub vigorously creating a lot of lather using cleansing liquids if water is unavailable.

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