CPR Instructor Products

There are over 50,000 Emergency First Response® Instructors worldwide who teach and certify first responders. We support the CPR Instructors that we have previously trained in Thailand and supply our future trainers by offering competitively priced first aid products and teaching materials. We carry a range of student manuals in stock with other popular items delivered to us within 48 hours. Contact our support staff for more information and discount pricing.

Products Price List for CPR Instructors

Code Product RRP
60215AP EFR CPR Instructor Start-Up Pack [more...] 9,937
70149 EFR Instructor Manual with Binder (Includes PSC, CFC, & AED Guides) 4,788
72010 EFR Instructor Manual Digital Version 5,123
71825 EFR Primary & Secondary Care Participant Final Exam 243
71812 EFR Care for Children Participation Final Exam 243
71865 EFR CPR & AED Participation Final Exam 243
40021 EFR Participant Certificate of Completion 390
62301 EFR Poster 477

ARC-AED-T [image] American Red Cross AED Training Unit (with adult & child aed pads) 9,999
SAR10 Pocket Size Resuscitation Mask in Hard Case w/O2 Port (large) 598
SAR20 Pocket Size Resuscitation Mask with Keyring (small) 329
80079 EFR Barrier Key Ring (resuscitation mask & gloves) [more...] 595
321386 [image] CPR Face Shield by American Red Cross (50 pieces per box) 899

80028 EFR Hat 1,188

70093 EFR Instructor Trainer Manual with Binder 2,368
70988 EFR Instructor Course Lesson Guides - CD-ROM 3,581
71850 EFR Instructor Course Exam 243

*Please contact our sales manager for special bulk discount orders of more than ten packs.
Prices are according to availability and are subject to change without notice; Deposits paid are considered non-refundable.