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Hellfire Pass Staff Training

We were contacted by the management team at the Hellfire Pass Museum in Kanchanaburi. The museum is run by the Australian Government who recently donated a Zoll Plus Automated External Defibrillator to the museum.

Hellfire Pass Staff Training

We were proud to conduct the staff training courses in CPR First Aid and AED use on-site at the museum. The courses needed to be presented in Thai language for most of the staff which took two days of training.

The War Memorial is more than 70km from Kanchanaburi and first aid resources in these regions are particularly scarce. Their newly acquired AED Device, Portable Oxygen Administration Unit and a selection of First Aid Kits are sure to increase the speed and quality of medical assistance to this popular tourist destination in Thailand.

Although the lessons were challenging for some of the team, we are pleased to say that everyone passed the grade and learned some valuable skills and information.