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Diakonia International ERT

Well, we organized and packed our First Aid equipment and CPR manikins boarded the Bangkok Airways enroute with the privilege of travelling back to Chiang Mai again to conduct the annual CPR First Aid Workshop For Business for our corporate partner, Diakonia International.

Diakonia International Emergency Response Training in Chiang Mai

Faith Based Mission Chiang Mai

Diakonia’s mission is a Faith Based mission to change unfair economic, political, social and political structures that cause poverty, oppression and violence. Their policies evolve from the Gospel with Jesus as Role Model.

Because Diakonia’s Staff is usually dispatched to remote location throughout the World, learning CPR and First Aid empowers Its Employees to respond with confidence and making a difference. These are truly priceless skills that not only our Corporate Partners can benefit from, but everyone, everywhere in the World!

We share a Passion with Diakonia, that Passion is to help others learn skills to overcome Life-Threatening situations and knowing that they can make the difference. It’s that Passion to educate others how to perform CPR and First Aid.

We’ll see you all next year again for annual CPR First Aid Training. Push Fast, Push Hard!