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Treat Intoxication

Important Information

Check for adequate response and consider activating EMS

Place a breathing person on their side laterally or in the recovery position; This encourages a clear airway in case the person starts vomiting

Check for and treat any visible external injuries; Hand the person over to medics when they arrive

Patient Care; Alcohol Intoxication

  • The first aid treatment for alcohol intoxication is often a dose of paracetamols or liver salts and a slow re-hydration back to normal. Nevertheless there are times when being intoxicated from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can be serious and potentially life threatening.

  • Drunkenness increases the risk of falls and sustaining severe injuries because alcohol often slow down the body's responses and reactions. Sometimes, it is difficult to differentiate between a head injury and drunken stupor.

  • Intoxicated unresponsive persons may start vomiting or breathe vomitus. There is a substantial risk of someone choking to death or suffocating on vomit if they are lying face up.