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Treat Absorbed Poison

Important Information

In mild cases, patient's who absorb poison through their skin may have swelling skin, rash, itching, burning or blisters

The symptoms may be delayed; In more serious cases, patient's may also complain of difficulty breathing, fever, headache and weakness

Patient Care; Absorbed Poison

  • STOP - Assess and observe the scene; Has the patient come into contact with a poisonous substance?

  • THINK - Consider your safety and form action plan; Can the substance harm me?

  • ACT - Check responsiveness and Alert EMS

  • Conduct an illness assessment and gather information about what, when and how much contact the patient had with the poison

  • Carefully remove contaminated clothing and brush off any poison remaining on the skin

  • Flush the area with fresh water and wash the skin with soap; Do not allow contaminated water to touch you or the patient

  • For caustic chemical substances or if the patient experiences severe symptoms, contact the local Poison Control Centre for further directions

  • If EMS is not called, encourage the person to see a doctor; A cold compress may relieve itching