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Treat Poisoning

Important Information

  • Absorbed Poisons - poison ivy, oak or sumac, chemical sprays

  • Ingested Poisons - food, medications, chemicals, cleaners, solvents, pesticides, plant material

  • Inhaled Poisons - carbon monoxide, gases, toxic fumes

Suspect poisoning when a source is nearby or patient's state that they came into contact with toxic substances

If possible, contact your local Poison Control Centre for directions while waiting for EMS to arrive

DO & DO NOT; Accidental Poisoning

  • DO - Follow directions and labels on chemical products; Use safety locks on cabinets and keep harmful substances out of small children's reach

  • DO - Store chemicals, cleaners and medicines in original containers, clearly marked and separated from non-poisonous items and return chemical products to safe storage after use

  • DO - Know what kind of plants you have in and around your home; Wear protective clothing and shields when spraying or handling toxic substances

  • DO - Teach children about poisonous substances; Keep your local Poison Control Centre phone number close to the phone

  • DO - Keep activated charcoal handy and use it only when instructed to do so by EMS, your doctor or Poison Control Centre

  • DO NOT - Mix household cleaning products or other chemicals together or use food containers to store chemical products

  • DO NOT - call medicine Candy; Take medications in the dark; Eat wild mushrooms or plant leaves, stems, roots or berries unless you are positive that they are non toxic; Eat foods that may be spoiled or prepared in unclean conditions