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Clean and Care for your CPR Simulation Manikins

Most medical and rescue manikins require similar procedures for the proper cleaning and storage care. The rubber cpr face masks, inflatable lung reservoirs, and plastic integral parts of most modern simulaids have their own manufacturers recommendations.

Here are some general guidelines for care and maintenance of CPR manikins;

  • Cleaning solutions for mannequin cleaning includes disinfectants that may be used on mannequins – commercial wipes, sprays, 1:10 bleach solution (one part household bleach mixed with ten parts water)

  • Disassemble and inspect mannequins - don gloves and follow manufacturer directions to disassemble mannequins for cleaning, looking for cracks or tears that require special attention during cleaning

  • Wash mannequin parts - wash and rinse appropriate parts most often this includes scrubbing with soap and water

  • Disinfect mannequin parts - use disinfecting solution to wipe down mannequin parts and leave solution on for 10 minutes or as appropriate according to directions. Rinse the manikin parts again if needed or appropriate

  • Dry, reassemble and store mannequin in a dry area

CPR Manikins for sale are available from our First Aid Supplies department.