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Treat Wrist Injury

Important Information

Your wrist started hurting the last few weeks and now it's just unbearable. What is it?

Symptoms include pain and numbness, especially over the thumb, forefinger and middle finger which may worsen when you sleep

One possible cause is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where a nerve gets compressed in a small opening in your wrist either because the opening has reduced in sized, or the contents passing through has increased in size

Patient Care; Wrist Injury

  • See a doctor. Your doctor may prescribe you with some medication to help reduce the symptoms and swelling

  • Using a wrist brace may also help especially when you sleep

  • If the symptoms do not improve, go back to your doctor who may send you for further examinations by a specialist

  • If the symptoms still do not improve, a surgery may be required to treat the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome