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Treat Dental Injury

Important Information

Treat dental injuries resulting from trauma to the head, neck, face or mouth as medical emergencies; Follow primary and secondary care procedures

Send the patient to a dentist for treatment when dental injuries are due to wear and tear or minor mishaps; Provide secondary care

Patient Care; Dislodged Tooth

  • Wear gloves to protect yourself and the patient from disease transmission

  • Locate the dislodged tooth but do not touch the root

  • Hold the tooth by the crown and rinse gently with a saline solution, milk or water; Keep the tooth moist in the solution, while transporting to a dentist

  • If you are unable to get to a dentist within one hour, re-implant the tooth into the socket as soon as possible; Teeth re-implanted within 30 to 60 minutes have a good chance of reattaching to the socket

  • Encourage the patient to follow up with continued dental care