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Treat Eye Chemical Splash

Important Information

Patient Care; Chemical Splashes

  • STOP - Assess and observe the scene;

  • THINK - Consider your safety and form action plan

  • ACT - Check responsiveness and Alert EMS

  • Perform a primary assessment and monitor the patient's Cycle of Care AB-CABS

  • ApplyImmediately flush the eye with water using a first aid eye wash if you have one and until the EMS arrives or for a minimum of 15 minutes

  • Open the eye as wide as possible and ask the patient to roll the eye to aid flushing

  • Be careful that the rinsing water does not splash into the uninjured eye or yourself; Ask the patient to hold a sterile, non fluffy dressing over the eye

  • Lightly bandage the dressing in place if EMS will be delayed or the patient will be sent to hospital; Identify the chemical if possible