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First Aid Treatment for Eye Injury

Important Information

All eye injuries are potentially serious due to the risk of the patient's vision

Treat eye injuries that result from trauma in the head or face as medical emergencies; Follow primary & secondary care procedures

Never apply pressure to the eye and be careful not to rub it; If the patient wears contact lenses, remove them only if doing so will not cause further damage to the eye

Encourage patients with any eye soreness or irritation to see an eye specialist for treatment asap; Provide secondary care

Encourage the patient to keep clam; Increased activity and blood pressure can cause important eye fluids to leak which may cause further harm to the eye

Do not touch or try to remove an object embedded in the eye; Do not touch anything that is sticking to the coloured part of the eye

Patient Care; Eye Penetrations

  • STOP - Assess and observe the scene;

  • THINK - Consider your safety and form action plan

  • ACT - Check responsiveness and Alert EMS

  • Perform a primary assessment and monitor the patient's Cycle of Care AB-CABS

  • Apply a sterile dressing and lightly bandage the eye

  • If a penetrating object protrudes from the eye, place a small paper cup over the eye and bandage it in place; Do NOT remove the object

  • Consider covering both eyes to deter the patient from moving the injured eye

  • Continue to monitor the patient's Cycle of Care until EMS arrives