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Treat Choking Infant

Important Information

If the choking infant is conscious, grasping their throat, they may not be breathing and cannot make a noise; Perform Back Slaps

If you determine the infant is choking Alert EMS & Give Emergency Care

Patient Care; Choking Infant

  • STOP - Is the infant choking?

  • THINK - Is the airway completely or severely blocked?

  • ACT - Send someone to Alert EMS

  • Place the infant's stomach on your forearm and support the infant's head by placing the jaw on your fingers

  • With the infant's head slightly lower than the body, deliver five forceful back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand

  • If the object is not dislodged, support the infant's head while keeping the spine straight and turn the infant over

  • Locate the chest thrust compression site - Using an imaginary line drawn between the nipples, place your index finger on this line in the middle of the chest; Place two fingers below the line and lift your index finger

  • With the infant's head lower than the body, provide 5 Chest Thrusts; If the object is not dislodged, repeat back blows and chest thrusts and continue until the object is dislodged or the infant becomes unresponsive

  • If the infant becomes unresponsive, give CPR; If alone, provide CPR for two minutes then alert EMS; Once EMS is Alerted, continue with your emergency care