AED Trainer Unit 9,999 THB

The correct terminology for AED is Automated External Defibrillator though many people call them Automatic Electronic Defibrillators. There are many different models and manufacturers of real automated external defibrillators with varying operations.

An AED Training Device is a realistic device that mimics the live automated external defibrillators and prompts the user through the simulated shock administration process. AED Instructors use this training device when conducting automated external defibrillator use courses.

AED Training Device by American Red CrossSome of the features and items of the aed trainer unit include;

Please Note: This is a training unit. NO SHOCK IS DELIVERED

This American Red Cross AED training device is available from our Head Office Store from only 9,999 THB. Real shock providing AED's are becoming more affordable and available. AED products can also be bought through our online facility. Local guidelines and protocols vary so we suggest that you follow the most current guideline for your area.