CPR Workshops for Business

Each workshop includes learning how to assess the scene for dangers, protection from bloodborne pathogens, primary assessment of life-threatening injuries and illnesses, and realistic practice on adult or children CPR manikins. Participants receive a training manual handout and a certificate of attendance. Workshops are available in English & Thai Language.

US Peace Corps (Thailand) CPR and First Aid WorkshopKING POWER Aviation Division - Bangkok
We were invited by KING POWER Aviation Division to provide CPR First Aid training to their ground support staff and cabin crew.


US Peace Corps (Thailand) CPR and First Aid WorkshopSingapore International School Bangkok (Thailand)
We were invited by SISB to provide CPR and First Aid training to their Two-Hundred-and-Thirteen Educators.

[SISB CPR Training]

US Peace Corps (Thailand) CPR and First Aid WorkshopU.S. PEACE CORPS (Thailand)
A Great Big Congratulations to the first group of U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers that are now Primary (CPR) and Secondary (First Aid) Care Emergency Responders. [U.S. Peace Corps]

Nichada Thani Nanny (Thai) CPR and First Aid WorkshopDIAKONIA INTERNATIONAL
We organized and packed our First Aid equipment, boarded the Bangkok Airways plane, and went enroute to conduct training for our corporate partner in Chiang Mai. [Diakonia International]

Nichada Thani Nanny (Thai) CPR and First Aid WorkshopNICHADA THANI NANNY WORKSHOP (Thai)
Our CPR and First Aid Workshop For Nannies, in (Thai) was conducted by our Thai Trainer that is a Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree. [Nichada Thani]

AED Training at Stem Cells 21KAESER KOMPRESSOREN
We travelled to the Chonburi Industrial Park amidst all the massive International corporations factories and warehouses to visit one of our clients for their annual CPR and First Aid Training Workshop. [Kaeser Kompressoren]

AED Training at Stem Cells 21STEM CELLS 21
One of Bangkok's best respected anti-ageing medical clinic invited us to train their staff how to perform CPR and use an AED. It is good to know that businesses in Thailand are concerned for their customer's well-being. [stem cells 21]

Bangkok Parent Group practicing cpr on children manikinsBANGKOK PARENTS
Bangkok parents learned how to respond in an emergency if the local EMS have a difficulty arriving quickly. The group had ample opportunity to perform child cpr and other first aid skills on baby manikins and volunteers. [parent group...]

Beyond Limits Activity ParkBEYOND LIMITS
The Thai and English speaking staff at Beyong Limits Activity Park in Jomtien participated in several scenarios around the park using the CPR manikins, pressure-immobilization bandages, and other first aid equipment. [beyond limits...]

Chevron First Aid TrainingCHEVRON
The Chevron drilling base in Sattahip asked us to train their offshore workers in CPR skills and operating AEDs. The rig team were heading off to work in the gulf of Thailand and needed some basic self-survival training. [chevron...]

We traveled south of Pattaya to the Royal Thai Navy Base where we boarded a massive cargo ship in the dock to train the crew members in CPR and AED function before they left for a three month sail to China. [hsqe...]

Hellfire Pass AED CoursesHELLFIRE PASS
The Hellfire Pass Museum in Kanchanaburi made some staff training preparations in first aid ready for the busy ANZAC period where they regularly see tourists needing treatment for heat exhaustion and heart problems. [hellfire pass...]

Mahidol University CPR CoursesMAHIDOL UNIVERSITY
Being invited to the Mahidol University was a proud moment for us. We relished the opportunity to teach basic life support to the international students studying at the campus. It was an uplifting experience for all involved. [mahidol university...]

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